Monday, November 29, 2010


Thanksgiving this year was a little different because I had to work. My parents came over and we ate about Noon, then I had to leave. We had lots of extra food even though It was a pretty low key event.

Katrina's looming projects

Katrina has been busy working on some baby hats the last few days. She used a loom for these but she does know how to crochet and knit. She does not get that talent from me:)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This last few months alot of exciting things have been happening. I took my Nursing Assistant Certified classs that I LOVED and did really good. I took my state written test and skills test and PASSED. So I am now certified with the state of Washington as a NAC. I am pretty excited to have this under my belt as this was one of the last big things I needed to accomplish before I can apply to the RN program.
Now that I have my certification under my belt I decided to apply for a position at a facility in town to earn some extra money and get some job exsperiance in the Nursing field. I applied for and got the job all in one day. I start Friday. After my initial training I will start working weekend afternoons. Im so excited since I really have not had an opportunity to work with so many little kids at home and Brians busy schedule and traveling.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Court of Honor

We had another court of honor in Sept and a few of our boys were able to receive their rank advancements in front of the whole stake. They have great leaders who put alot of time into helping these boys advance. David(the tall one) got his Life rank and is ready to start planning his Eagle project
Connor( next to David) Got his First class rank. Half way to Eagle now.
Andrew( the midget of the group) Is now a Star rank and the 2nd highest rank in our troop

I am so proud of all our boys and all the hard work. I am especially proud of Andrew who only has 1 more rank before he can start planning for his Eagle and has 11 Merit badges at the age of 12. Only 21 are needed for Eagle :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So as many of you know I have been in school for the past 9 months with very few breaks between classes. I am currently taking a night Nursing Assistant Certification class and a day time Anatomy& Physiology class. So I am basicly living at the college. When you spend 9 hours a day at school you have to do something fun, right? So because of my nature to have fun I planned a pizza/Birthday party for the night before our 2 big exams. One of the Gals from our NAC class was having her 40th Birthday so I suckered my good friend Ashley into helping me make this AWESOME cake. Here is my night NAC class. It is a small group and 4 of us have A&P together so we study between classes. It's like a family away from home.

Did I mention I have a 4.0 in this class. 2 more weeks left and I will be ready to take the state exam and skills test and get my certification. After this only have to finish my A&P classes before I can apply to Nursing school :) YAY me!
Today was Quinton's first day of Pre-school. He is a little on the younger side but since he is so advanced I figured he would do just fine ;) JK. He actually is around adults all the time so I thought he would benefit from some social interaction with kids his age. I can't believe I sent my baby to school. It's always bitter sweet.
He is lucky enough to have his buddy Sawyer in his class so it made the first day easy already having a friend

He did a great job, he didn't cry and he LOVED it. They have play-do, puzzles, blocks and cars. All of his favorite things.